Getting the Language pack out of the downloadable exe files.

You can get them out by running the EXE, as it extracts/creates the cab file. In my case the German package windows6.1-kb2483139-x86-de-de_acb9b88b96d432749ab63bd93423af054d23bf81.exe
However the issue, I had found, is that the EXE quits very fast and deletes the cab file right away.
I considered running PSSuspend against it, but the issue is that this would still be a game, as the cab file gets built slowly, but deleted very quickly if the OS refuses the install.
So the next best solution is NTFS permissions, simply create a temporary DACL for EVERYONE with DENY for “Delete Folders and Files”.
This will leave your ready for the grabbin :)


5 thoughts on “Getting the Language pack out of the downloadable exe files.

  1. although a very ugly workaround this is the answer to all our problems. great thinking and most important of all – thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    1. It did not work for me the first time.

      Consider the following… Did you change persmissions on the actual Directory or a link?

      I downloaded the file to my Downloads folder. Then changed the permissions and it did not work. Got deleted anyway. Then I discovered that I changed the Permissions of the link not the actual directory the link points to.
      So I changed the directory permissions and it works. for the grabbin…

      On a side note… I do not understand why Microsoft does not have all languages available for all versions of Windows 7. To me it is kind of stupid to not provide this service.
      But then again… Microsoft works in mysterious ways….

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