New Challenge @ Google

I took a new role with Google in database analytic.
I have been heavily Microsoft based until now – so this is a big change.
Hopefully I can update this blog with new scripts eventually but many things here are only in-house.


On-Demand 1E NightWatchman Actions

Made a blog post on the 1E website here:

The methods used in the tool I wrote can be used easily to do any WMI action on a set of machines.
I will see if I can release a more open ended version for the ConfigMgr console on here.

Getting the Language pack out of the downloadable exe files.

You can get them out by running the EXE, as it extracts/creates the cab file. In my case the German package windows6.1-kb2483139-x86-de-de_acb9b88b96d432749ab63bd93423af054d23bf81.exe
However the issue, I had found, is that the EXE quits very fast and deletes the cab file right away.
I considered running PSSuspend against it, but the issue is that this would still be a game, as the cab file gets built slowly, but deleted very quickly if the OS refuses the install.
So the next best solution is NTFS permissions, simply create a temporary DACL for EVERYONE with DENY for “Delete Folders and Files”.
This will leave your ready for the grabbin :)